Dublin Osteopath and Complementary Therapies, Rathgar, Dublin 6

The Winton Practice Announcement

Monday 16th March 2020

Just to confirm to all our patients that we remain open through this challenging time to support the community, until we are advised otherwise.

However, we will implement some measures to make sure that here is no possible cross contamination by staggering our patients and to keep a very high hygiene standard in the premises.

Remember that we generally treat healthy individuals, suffering from structural stress and stain.

In the meantime, we will advise some very simple and yet effective measures of maintaining a healthy immune system, which we will email within the next few days or even start a blog.

We are also supported by Elena, who is experienced in a neuro-linguistic approach to health.  She also has an added advantage of using acupuncture in her work.

May we also remind you that the greatest way of depleting your immune system is stress, therefore stay grounded, realistic and do not lose your faith. As they say: “An arrow does not hit a smiling face”.

Healing Hands – Healing You

At the Winton Practice, Dublin 6, our Osteopaths and other practitioners have the skills and healing hands to put you and your children back on the path to better health.

Patients visit us for treatment of:

  • Pregnancy – difficulties pre-and post natal, SPD Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction»
  • Unsettled babies infants and toddlers with glue ear, colic and other difficulties

…and everything else in between!

And don’t worry if we haven’t mentioned your particular ailment or illness - call us anyway and osteopath treatments  may be able to help you. T:  01 490 5818