For You?

Osteopaths don’t just fix discs – but we can do that as well!

Osteopaths treat you from top to toe - not just your symptoms.  Call now and see if we can help T: 01 490 5818.

We treat patients with a wide range of injuries and ailments – from top to toe.  And we have found that osteopathy is often very successful where other treatments have given little or no relief or improvement.

Our experience shows that Osteopath Treatments can help with:

Sports Injuries – Such as tendon, ligament and muscle strains. Or repetitive strain injury (RSI) in joints and muscles from over-exercise or over-training.

We work alongside physiotherapists to treat specific complaints and support athletes in their normal training routines such as:

  • Rugby, Hockey and football
  • Tri-athlons and marathons and other sports that are very demanding on the body
  • Athletics
  • Sailing, kayaking and other adventure sports

General Ailments – structural problems such as low back and neck strains and on-going muscle and joint pain.

More specific conditions - such as migraine, chest infections and postural discomforts

Degenerative disorders and general ailments associated with ageing - Such as arthritis or general stiffness and lack of mobility in limbs and joints .  Keeping joints supple and mobile for everyday living can often delay the need for surgery and can also help with post-op rehabilitation.

As osteopath treatments are gentle it is a very effective treatment for patients as they get older.

Long-Term Illness such as CFS and ME - Osteopaths can help by unblocking of the toxic lymphatic system and rebalancing the whole nervous system after burn out. Cranial Osteopathy is a very effective form of treatment for these conditions.  Treating patients with CFS and ME is one of Alexander’s specialist practice areas.

We don’t just put discs back in place. Call Winton Osteopaths now and see if we can help – T: 01 490 5818.