Pregnancy and Babies

Osteopath treatments during pregnancy can help you adjust to the changes in your body and help you prepare for an easier delivery for you and your baby.

As the baby grows the Mom’s centre of gravity changes, contributing to back pain, neck pain, digestive disorders, morning sickness and other discomforts.

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How safe is it for my baby?

Osteopath treatments are safe during any stage of pregnancy and we like to see mothers as soon as possible in the first trimester.  This helps us set a benchmark. And if your body is balanced from the beginning it is much easier for us to treat you as your body changes shape and your baby grows.

We also find that this is a very good time to identify and treat chronic structural conditions, which sometimes only evolve as your body changes.

Treating pregnant women forms part of our training as an osteopath. We learn to use use gentle techniques such as rhythmic mobilisation of joints, relaxation and stretching of muscles, soft tissue massage and other subtle release techniques to support you during your pregnancy.

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