How long do appointments last?

Your first appointment will usually last up to an hour.  Treatments after that usually last about thirty to forty minutes.

Should I bring results of MRI, X Ray and Scans?

Yes, preferably hard copy.

What should I Wear?

You may have to undress for treatments but if you are uncomfortable with this, we suggest that you wear something light and loose fitting such as a tracksuit or something similar.

MEN – please wear comfortable underwear or loose shorts

LADIES - you may need to undress to your underwear, if you are uncomfortable about this, please wear leggings and a crop top or similar clothing that makes it easy for us to treat your neck and shoulders, lower back and hips. If we need to work on a sensitive area we will ask you to sign a consent form.

BABIES - We like to see a baby or child’s whole body. So expect your baby to be undressed down to their nappy, but we may also do a quick check of their hip mobility with their nappy off. So something like a baby-gro which is easy to take on and off is a good idea.

For young infants, we suggest you bring along a drink or bottle in case they are thirsty or a bit unsettled. For nursing mothers, we have a room if your child needs to feed.

TODDLERS AND CHILDREN - We need to see a child’s whole back and spine and examine their gait and so they need to undress down to their underwear.

TEENAGERS – May wish to wear shorts and girls may also prefer to wear a crop top.

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Will it hurt?

Some osteopath treatments will hurt initially and you will probably feel more uncomfortable than ”hurt”.  You may also feel slightly woozy or sleepy initially – but don’t worry this means the treatments are working well.

Will I be sore afterwards?

Depending on your treatment you may feel sore and little achy for about 24-48 hours after a treatment.  Rest is always recommended if possible.

And of course, if you are uncomfortable or not quite happy with any aspect of your treatment please make sure to tell us.

Babies react differently to treatment.  We often find that babies are very relaxed and sleep well.  But some babies may be unsettled after treatment for a short while, usually just for 24 hours.

If a child has an infection, an osteopath treatment may ‘bring it out’ – a mild fever may worsen but break more quickly than normal, teething symptoms may worsen for 24 hours

In a tiny percentage of patients, treatment may aggravate problems or exacerbate an old injury site or adjacent area that is not functioning or moving very well.

If symptoms do not improve after 24-48 hours or get much worse, phone the practice. Don’t wait until the next appointment. We will advise you or bring your appointment forward if necessary.

Your After-care

After a treatment for musculoskeletal pain, we suggest that you do not do any heavy lifting or carrying and, if possible, no heavy shopping, housework or strong exercise.

Following treatment muscles are relaxed and joints have been stretched. If you over-strain yourself at this time, this could aggravate your problem and do further damage. If you are currently working while having treatment then try and rest in your break times.

Some adults and children feel tired after treatment – in which case we recommend plenty of rest and water.

What if I have to stay off work?

We can provide you with an ‘off work’ certificate if you need one.

Can I claim the costs of treatment on my medical insurance?

Irish medical insurance providers cover osteopathy treatments. However, the amount and number of treatments  covered depends entirely on the insurer and plan, so we suggest you contact them directly.

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